KT-100 | Features Dave Cywinski shows off the features of the KT-100 electronic drum kit
KT-150 | Features Dave Cywinski shows off the features of the KT-150 electronic drum kit
KT-300 | Features Dave Cywinski shows off the features of the KT-300 electronic drum kit
SETTING UP THE MALLETKAT 8.5 WITH THE GIGKAT MODULE How to Set Up the malletKat 8.5 with gigKAT 2, and start playing, in Less Than 5 Minutes!!
KT-200 ELECTRONIC DRUMKIT INTRODUCTION KAT Percussion's Dave C. gives a basic rundown of this new kit from his "Social Distancing Studio". The first in a series of videos that will detail all the features and sounds the KT-200 has to offer.
KTMP1 - PERFECT FOR PEP BAND AND PIT ORCHESTRA USE The KTMP1 is the quick and easy solution to expand any setup. Playable with both hands or sticks, this compact and affordable module features 50 high-quality, fully-adjustable, multi-purpose sounds. Sounds can be tuned, panned and assigned to one of the four highly-responsive pads.
MALLETKAT 8.5 WITH GIGKAT 2 - OFFICIAL TRAILER The gigKAT 2 is a small external sound module with a 4GB Sound set with over way over 1000 presets. It includes all of the chromatic percussion you will need plus drums and percussion. It also includes orchestral instruments, pianos, basses, guitars, vocals, and so much more.
MALLETKAT 8.5 WITH GIGKAT 2 - DRUM & PERCUSSION SOUNDS Introducing the gigKAT 2 from KAT Percussion. Here's a demonstration of how Drums and Percussion sound on the malletKAT 8.5
KAT PERCUSSION KT-100 ELECTRONIC DRUM KIT - OVERVIEW KAT Percussion's Dave C. gives a quick overview of what to expect once you have the KT-100 electronic drum kit set up.
KAT PERCUSSION KTMP1 MULTIPAD WITH DRUM SET Check out the KAT KTMP1 Multipad added to an acoustic drum set. There's much fun to be had here and music to be made with this awesome combination! Simple to use with 50 high quality sounds built in.
KTMP1 MULTIPAD OVERVIEW Check out the KTMP1 Multipad from Kat Percussion. This demo showcases some of the internal sounds of this drum module, multipad unit.

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KT-KP1 Bass Drum Trigger
KT-HC1 Hi-Hat Controller - KTMP1
KTHC2 Hi-Hat Pedal - KT3M
MalletKAT Express Two-Octave Soft Case
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