MalletKAT Grand

  • MalletKAT Grand
MalletKAT - Grand

The MalletKAT Grand - in a sleek, four octave lightweight white textured frame - is the world's most powerful MIDI percussion mallet controller using true FSR sensing technology.

Our flagship MIDI mallet controller in a sleek, lightweight, white textured four-octave frame.
The MalletKAT is the world's most powerful MIDI percussion mallet controller using true FSR sensing technology. The MalletKAT Grand offers a standard lightweight 4-octave design which can be expanded to 5 octaves. It incorporates the same FSR technology as all of the KAT instruments, delivering superb feel and response.

The MalletKAT comes with 127 Factory Setups designed to work with General MIDI sound Modules and 127 programmable User Setups that includes features like Splitting, Layering, Poly/Mono Modes and more. The MalletKAT is an incredibly expressive and powerful alternative to traditional marimba and vibraphone instruments.

Controller without Ketron Module Also Available Model # 7557

Unit dimensions: 62" X 11" X 2.5"
Weight: 22 lbs.

The following features/accessories now ship "standard" with the MalletKAT 8:
  • Clambusters - to help silence the occasional "missed note"
  • Two Independent MIDI Outs allows MIDI routing to synths and computer separately
  • Standard 5-pin MIDI cable - for direct connection to your external synth or audio card
  • Sustain pedal
  • Footswitch for configuring your personal sound directly on the MalletKAT
  • PitPads - a sturdy, protective surface to prolong the life of your pads
We offer warranty on our controllers for one year on parts, and 6 months on sensors. We offer a 90 Day warranty for LABOR.
**iOS compatibility requires an Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter (sold separately)
**Android compatibility requires a USB converter cable (sold separately)
About pre-configured sound modules:
*** Direct connection to your computer via a USB to MIDI cable (sold separately)

The 127 User Kits inside the MalletKAT can be pre-configured for immediate use with the sound modules listed above.

MalletKAT User Kits are preprogrammed for the Ketron SD1000 for instant turnkey operation, but can be modified by User.
MalletKAT - Grand


• MalletKAT
• Ketron SD1000
• Hosa Cable
• Midi Cable
• FootSwitch
• Sustain Pedal
MalletKAT with Ketron SD1000 Sound Samples

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